2017-2018 Staff

Logan Haith

Staff Writer

Logan Haith loves to sing and dance to any kind of music. He wants to be a successful an orthopedic surgeon. He loves Science. He hopes readers will enjoy all the major news and juicy articles he strives to write.

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Lucas Wilson

Staff Writer

Lucas likes to read and swim. In the future, he wants to be a general surgeon. Watching gory movies while eating pizza is his favorite pastime.  Deadpool and The Joker are humorous characters that Lucas admires.

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Michael Baughman

Staff Writer

Michael listens to music, especially David Bowie, Rock, and Korn. He can watch Anime for 12 hours straight.  After a day at school, near Halloween, he can be found at a haunted house.  Michael loves making friends smile and...

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Zeb Matteson


Zeb enjoys listening to music. All kinds of music are great, but his specialty is metal.  He loves his coffee.  Video games fill his spare time.  He is an expert Doodler.

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Jasmine Simpson

Staff Writer

Jasmine is passionate about getting sleep and food.  She believes she loses weight by sleeping. Her friends are her family. Jasmine likes anime, horror movies, reading and making people laugh. Her future goal is going to trade...

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Lexy Schilowsky

Staff Writer

Alexis is an adventurous individual.  A lady with a mission in life and a passion for photography.  Another pursuit Lexy likes is the science of the human body....

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Josiah clamp

Staff Writer

Josiah likes Science.  Any piece of Science can be proven and finding the evidence is appealing to him.  Psychology is also one of his interests.  Especially the way people think.

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River Atkinson

Student writer/journalist

"Flying metal child draining the brains of citizens." This Goth/Punk dude may look odd and slightly menacing at first sight, but those who know him come to see him as a fun-loving people person, who's really a geek. Science...

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Allyssa Longest

Staff Writer

Allyssa is an anime and music enthusiast.  She spends her spare time playing the tenor saxophone. She has a 'can-do' attitude.  Her love of books drives her ambition to become a librarian.  She loves to share literature with...

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Autumn McCoy


Autumn is a caring, hard working senior who loves Bijou, her friends, and her family. She has a passion for photography,animals, and writing. After graduation, she wants to go to college to be a professional journalist and photographer.

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Tiegan Hix

Staff Writer

Tiegan  likes art and everything horror. She wants to do professional makeup and design when she leaves high school. Her favorite movie is The Lion King or Freddy Cruger. She hopes to attend the Kansas City Art Institute  for...

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