Donut Club

Donut Club

April 5, 2018

Recent Field Renovations

Vaclav Vlcek, Staff Writer

October 3, 2016

At the RJWAC’s southern field, there has been recent construction added to the field.  Lights have been installed and AstroTurf has been rolled out onto the field. The previous condition of the field was deteriorating wi...

Spoken Word Club

Spoken Word Club

April 21, 2016

Anime Club

Anime Club

February 4, 2015

Magic Club

January 26, 2015

Garden Club

Mikaylia Kortz, Staff

May 13, 2014

Garden club started by a student named Adillia Walters, because her and her family loved to garden, now the club is run by Barbara bullock a math teacher who loves to garden as well. Garden Club has been up and running for...

Science Club

Tony Crisel, Author

April 17, 2014

Science club, sponsored by Nancy Bonner, is a club that cleans up the Science courtyard by the south parking lot, pulls weeds in the garden, and had fish tanks earlier in the school year. The Science club meets every Wednesday at...

Bible Club

Julia, Editor

March 10, 2014

Bible Club meets every two weeks on Mondays. It's a really great way to spend time before catching the bus. Dave and his friend, Forest, are two wonderful guys who love people and have knowledge beyond imagination. It's a fun...

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