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Autumn McCoy, Senior Editor

Alexis (Lexy) Schilowsky, Maislyn Hardsock, Co-Editors

Allyssa Longest, Photo Editor

Dayja Parker, Social Media Editor

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Allyssa Longest, Michael Baughman, Autumn McCoy, Dayja Parker, Skylar Owens-Hailey, Michael Baughman, Josiah Clamp, Logan Haith, Alexis (Lexy) Schilowsky, Kaden White-Stewart, Jaedon Carlson, Cassandra Farr, Rhiannon Garrett, Maislyn Hardsock, Chauncey Humphrey, Issac Humphrey, Alize Martin, Jennifer Newcomer, Haven Presley, Cheynne River Atkinson, Zebedia Matteson, Jasmine Simpson, Lucas Wilson, Mallery Seber,

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Managing Director/ Faculty Adviser: Ms. Cindy Nath


The Campus Chronicle is created by journalism students and distributed free of charge to all of the student attending the schools at the R.J. Wasson Academic Campus community. It will be published online as students complete written articles and photographs. The Campus Chronicle is your paper and your input is vital. The opinion pages are an open forum for students, staff, parents, and any other member of the R.J. Wasson Academic Campus community. All submissions must be signed and the Campus Chronicle reserves the right to edit all submissions. Letters received anonymously will not be posted, however, the author’s name can be withheld by request. The opinions expressed here are the sole opinion of the writers, and in no way reflects the editorial views of the Campus Chronicle, the policies of District 11, or any of the Schools of the R.J. Wasson Academic Campus. The Campus Chronicle can be reached through email at [email protected].   English teacher and Advisor, Cindy Nath, can be contacted by phone at (719) 328-2072 or email at [email protected] .

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