New Year’s Resolution’s at RJWAC

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New Year’s Resolution’s at RJWAC

Basic New Years Resolution

Basic New Years Resolution

Alexis Schilowsky

Basic New Years Resolution

Alexis Schilowsky

Alexis Schilowsky

Basic New Years Resolution

Alexis Schilowsky (Lexy), Editor

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At the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus, Staff and Students are preparing for Christmas break. What they aren’t ready for is the new year. With 2018 right around the corner, many haven’t considered a New Year’s Resolution. Between stress management and weight loss there are goals all around the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus.

While seeking for New Year’s Resolution’s around the Campus, the Campus Chronicle found many outstanding responses from the staff and students around RJWAC. 

The Bijou School –

Katheryn Presnal, Principal – Didn’t have a new years resolution, although on new years day starts by trying to improve on herself daily.

Kris Gray, Counselor – “To Survive”.

Les Fowler, Office Staff Assistant – Wants to not let stress get to her, including mean people.

Gina Vasquez, Administrator Assistant/Register – Doesn’t make new years resolutions, but works on what she wants to through out the year.

Jonah Anderson, Student – “To push myself to be more outgoing and talk to more people”.

Maisy Conarty, Student – “Let go of the past and toxic things”.


Early Colleges High School –

Renee Lacey, Administrator Assistant  – “To rest more”.


Achieve Online & The Digital School –

John Bailey, Principal – Does not believe in setting New years resolution’s. Believe that people should improve on themselves daily.

Carol Tippie, Assistant Secretary- Also doesn’t set New year resolution’s, but believe that working on yourself everyday is the way to go.

Arabella, Student – “To stay best friends with my best friend, and to make new friends”.

Rachelle, Student- “To be more productive”.


Tesla –

Noah Melvin, Student – “To work out more”.

Kaiya Belfrey, Student- “To get an apartment before June”.



Roseanne, Kitchen Staff – Would like peace and quit in her house, and for her grown kids to finally leave home.

Lisa, Kitchen Manager – To have “more self time”.


Security around campus –

Dan Ottersberg – Would like to get “serious about weight loss”.

John – “Better physical shape, and lose some weight”

Officer Rich – Wants to be the best person her can be that day, everyday.


More to come 2018…