Is Vaping Safe?

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Is Vaping Safe?

Kaden Stewart, Staff Writer

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In 2003, the first vape or E-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Since then the popularity for vaping has been on the rise and hasn’t slowed down. By the year 2023, vaping/E-cigarettes are predicted by the vaping industry to put the smoking industry out of business. Vaping was intended for people to stop smoking cigarettes, but has become it’s own hobby.

E-cigarettes or vapes aren’t exactly safe.  A common misconception among young adults and teenagers is that e-cigarettes do not contain harsh deadly chemicals. In a sense, they are safer than cigarettes, but they still may cause some damage later in life.  A mod is a vape where the voltage can be changed.  At high voltages, e-smokers are being exposed to formaldehyde, a chemical used as a preservative in the morgue for human bodies. It is also used in household cleaning products and fragrances. Formaldehyde has been proven to cause cancer, when animals were exposed to it, according to the American Cancer Society. There is no formaldehyde in e-liquid, but when the vape mod is at a high voltage the high heat creates an unwanted chemical reaction which releases formaldehyde.

Although vaping and smoking E-cigarettes are safer than any type of tobacco use, it is still harmful and exposes people to dangerous chemicals. Much like marijuana,  vaping or E-cigarettes has not been studied sufficiently.  There may be more dangers than are known today.

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