Interview With Bret of Blue Stahli

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Interview With Bret of Blue Stahli

River Atkinson, Staff Writer

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The new Blue Stahli album, Antisleep Vol. 4 was released on August 25, 2017.  Bret, the man behind Blue Stahli, granted an interview with him about the album.  Bret specializes in electronic innovations that mash together multiple musical styles.

Bret shows his softer side.

Why did you name the series “Antisleep”?

Bret: “Just like mixing genres together, making a new word out of two felt the most descriptive of this series of music since it’s all kind of aimed at being fodder for film/tv/video games, but also made to be listened to by whoever is into weird genre-hopping.”

Why should people be interested in Antisleep vol. 4?

Bret: “I don’t know that anyone should be, but am freakishly glad that some people are.  The Antisleep series originally wasn’t going to be released to the public.  Just held back and used for licensing and the like.  But as the first album took shape, it became fun to see such a mix of styles all live on one record and the thought was that that would make a nice statement as Blue Stahli, that styles will shift and always be fluid.  I guess the appeal would be that this isn’t a project where every album is fit neatly into a box.”

What was the thought process that went into this album? What inspired you?

Bret: “Everything was written at vastly different times and with different intentions.  A few tracks started out as short custom works for other things and then, whether or not they found their home in an ad, TV show, or game trailer, they needed to be fleshed out into a full song to really find their home for regular listeners.  This album was mainly about finding all these little scraps around my hard drive and bringing them all together.”

Every song on this album seems to be a vastly different style/genre from the last. What ties these tracks into a comprehensive album that sounds like Blue Stahli made it, instead of it sounding like a sample pack of different genres and artists?

Bret: “I feel like nearly every Antisleep-esque record I make sounds like a weird sample pack of different genres and artists, and figured any cohesion would be accidental.  I’ve had a few different people tell me that no matter the style, they can pick out one of my songs and somehow they fit together (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who wildly disagree with this).  I guess it’s bits of my production style, limitations of my writing ability, or certain ways I like things to feel that ultimately gel it all together.  All stems back to when I would get the soundtrack album to a movie I liked, with many different bands and styles represented and thought, ‘Why can’t this all just be the album of one band?’”

What, if anything, do you want people who listen to this album to know?

Bret: “That whatever style of mine you prefer, there will be much more of it being made.”

Special thanks to FiXT Music, Position Music, And Bret himself, as he is Blue Stahli.


The album can be purchased here:

Blue Stahli