Green Day Revolution Radio Review

Ben Branum, Staff Writer

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Green Day, was once a small band from Berkeley, California. Consisting of singer, Billy Joe Armstrong; drummer, Tre Cool;  and bassist, Mike Dirnt; the band began in the genre of Punk Rock.   Their debut album, “39/Smooth”, was cemented in the Punk Rock movement and appealed to this fan base.

Their fame began to grow with a new vision of Punk Rock that retains the anger of Punk Rock, but examines world events.  Because of their new album, “Revolution Radio”, the band has become a perfect example of a non-intentional evolution.  Each successive album was given a different theme, but shifted to include Pop Punk and Alternative Rock.  Green Day is now the face of punk music almost everywhere in America.

However, many people are losing interest in Green Day’s new music.

Over time, Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice has lost its body and strength, and has a more predominant resonating nasal tone. Many critics claim their music has become whiny.  They state that Green Day does more whining about the world than actually taking action to improve the problems they highlight.

A student at the Bijou School, Dayja Parker, commented, “I prefer the old sound of Billie Joe Armstrong over the new one,” says Dayja, “It had a better tone.”

“Revolution Radio” is refreshing to hear about current events in Green Day’s music.  This moves from a personal reflection on life to an expanding review of national events.  One example from the album is “Still Breathing”, which describes carrying on through difficult encounters of life.  No matter what happens, it’s never the end of the world.



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