Tokyo Ghoul

Michael Baughman, Staff Writer

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This manga story and television anime begins with young Kaneki Ken who loves to read.  He enjoys coffee and has a thing for a pretty young woman by the name Rize, who he ends up dating.  Sadly. she is a ghoul and tries to eat him .

Keneki has to undergo surgery after this attack and is now in need of an organ transplant. After the surgery, the side effects of the organ tranplant begin to change the way he tasted food.  Worried, he tries to stab himself to see if he is a ghoul.  This is because ghouls have impenetrable skin. He discovers that he is a ghoul.  One of his eyes changes color, but only one eye.

In the Tokyo Ghoul series, Ghouls are man-eating monsters.  The Ghouls look like humans, except a few key differences; when ghoul is hungry their Kakugan will show. Their eyes transform into a black sclera and red iris.  The reason that ghouls don’t eat anything other than humans is because anything but human flesh tastes absolutely horrible like cardboard or rotten food.

Kaneki Ken tries to deal with this transformation in Tokyo Ghoul.  Accepting these challenges is difficult.  In the remainder of the series, several mysteries are explored and resolved.  Kaneki Ken realizes that humans and ghouls need equal standing and adjusts his life mission to find ways for this equality.

All 14 books of this series are interesting and thrilling to read.  The review recommendation is 4 stars.

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