Motionless In White

Dallas Kennedy, Staff Writer

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“Motionless In White” is an American metal-core band from Scranton, Pennsylvania formed in 2005. The band stated that their name is from the “Eighteen Visions” song, “Motionless and White”. “Motionless In White” write gothic-horror lyrics and have a gothic-rock, sometimes industrial-metal, sound.  The band’s performances and public appearances are always in gothic dress. The band was founded during high school by members Chris Motionless, who played guitar and lead vocals and Angelo Parente on drums, Frank Polumbo on guitar, and Kyle White on bass.

The current members for “Motionless In White” are Chris Motionless on lead vocals, Ricky Olson on guitar, Ryan Sitkowski on guitar, Devin Sola on bass guitar, Vinny Mauro on drums, and Joshua Balz on keyboards. “Motionless In White” has had a lot of members come and go.  Chris is currently the last remaining original member in the band.

“Motionless In White” has three albums: “Creatures”, “Infamous”, and “Reincarnate”. Their most recent album is “Reincarnate”.  They’ve released two singles, “570” and “Eternally Yours”, which will be on their new album called “Graveyard Shift” set to be released in early 2017.  The band is having a contest for the album cover for “Graveyard Shift”.  The best album cover made by a fan –  wins.

The band is currently on tour, schedule in many different States and Canada, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain.

This band isn’t for everyone, but they are very popular among different age groups. When this author met them on the Vans Warped Tour, they are all really nice guys to be around. The band is positive and care about their fans. “Motionless In White” is a very humble band; they don’t think they are better then everyone else.  The music they make always has a deeper meaning. Overall “Motionless In White” is a fantastic band that has really catchy and meaningful music.

Review = 4 Stars