Tell Me Something Real

Allyssa Longest, Staff Writer

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Betrayal, Loss of a loved one, New Love…..

Tell me Something Real by Calla Devlin is a story about three young children whose Mom had leukemia. The mother is taking treatment in Mexico because the treatment in the U.S is banned in United States.  The three young children are sisters, Adrienne, Vanessa, and Marie Babcock. The whole family has a strong bond that keeps the family together. With the mother not having long to live, they willing to do just about anything to stay together.  All of them watch Father come home from work exhausted and has little time with the sister and their mother.

 Adrienne, the oldest of the sisters, helps to care for her two younger sisters.    Adrienne is a strong, foul-mouth teenager who just wants to live a normal life, but can’t because of her mother’s cancer.

Vanessa, the middle child, is a very good pianist dreaming of getting into a piano school.  Her music teacher tells her she is talented and should be able to get in with flying colors. Vanessa knows that the loss of her mother due to terminal cancer is soon to come in a couple of months.  With so much at home going wrong, she finds someone to share her anxiety. Will this new relationship help the family or not?

Marie, the youngest sister, goes to elementary school and prays that mother will be alright and will live.   She begins writing on herself, verses from the Bible all over her body. Marie thinks this will keep herself and her family safe. But will it?

This is a very entertaining novel that will keep you enthralled in the story.

Review Rating: 5 Stars