Career fair

Ixicillia Jasso, Staff Writer

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A Career fair was held on November 16, 2016, at the Expo Center in Colorado Springs. There were people representing different careers in business, arts, medical, military, food industry, public administration, animal care, and engineering.  People who came to the fair learned about jobs in each of the above fields. There were quite a lot of jobs that were presented. For example an Art institute gave information about their school and various jobs that could be found through the skills they taught. Engineering of all kinds, the food industry section had a cooking booth that both showed people how to cook and allowed people to make something simple.

Career fairs are held all around the United States, so young adults and adults can learn more about the jobs in that career field. The career fair is a fun thing to go to when someone is searching for a job in any State.

This career fair had a lot of fun activities and ways to get lots of information about the careers. The people gave so much information that people hardly had a questions. They gave fliers and business cards so people could call or email to get follow up information about specific jobs.

Over all, the Career Fair is a great opportunity to get to know more about jobs that people are interested in doing in the future. Next year, the career fair will likely will be held in the Expo center.  Costs will be a parking fee of $5.  Food will also be for sale.