The Bijou School 2016 New Teachers

Dylan Owens-Hailey, Editor

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The home of the Dragons, The Bijou High School has added three new teachers and changed two teachers’ positions. These teachers include Renee Cockrell, Matt Chatiny, Victoria Reid, Rob Hanson and Marci Thompson.

Marci Thompson teaches Biology and Earth Science.  Ms. Thompson received her Bachlors of Science at Colorado Mesa State University in Biology, and continued with her Masters of Arts at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). Marci loves teaching, because she never stops learning. Ms. Thompson is also running a marathon in November called the Eco Marathon that will be held in California.

Victoria Reid has been at a teacher at The Bijou School for a long time.  She has taught many subjects:  Psycology, Geology, Government, English, and Sociology. Now she has taken on a new position as Dean of Students.  Like a hawk, Ms. Reid has always watched the halls for appropriate student dress and behavior.  She expects all students to be respectful to each other.  The Dean suits her perfectly.

Rob Hanson continues to teach Science, but has moved into a different class room. He added responsibilities as the Special Education Teacher.  Mr. Hanson has taken over Adviser leadership of Link Crew, Leadership, and Student Council.  He has only been teaching at the Bijou for one year.

Matt Chatiny is the new Bijou Social Studies Teacher. Mr. Chatiny comes to teaching from a career in the military.  He is now in room 202.  He believes students need a combination of visual and literal learning for them to truly grasp the history information.

Beginning 2nd Quarter, Re Cockrell will be teaching English at The Bijou School.  She is a nationally certified teacher.  For the past 2 years, she has been working with hospice.  For 6 years, Ms. Cockrell taught at Cheyenne Mountain High School.  She was a graduate from The Bijou School when it graduated students with Tesla EOP School.

Brian Mandabach will change his teaching responsibilities in 2nd Quarter also.  He will continue to teach English 7, but will add Grad Point classes to the rest of his day.  Students in his classes will be able to take Physical Education (PE), Health, and Computer Application (Comp Apps) courses.  He is moving his classroom into the Computer Lab (252).

The Campus Chronicle wishes them all the best of luck with this school year!

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