Wasson’s Smoke Hill

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Matt Courtney, RJWAC Campus Security

Matt Courtney, RJWAC Campus Security


The Wasson Campus has a designated smoke hill for the students. Campus’ Security Guard, Matt Courtney, was interviewed for his personal perspective and opinion.

“The hill” is at the top of a set of stairs near the street near the North parking lot just off the Campus, and according to Courtney, it is legal to have off campus. He says that the campus gets few complaints from neighbors, as long as the students do not cross the street into the neighbor’s yards to smoke. Other neighborhood concerns are that students don’t get too loud, play their music loudly, and as long as they pick up their trash and keep the neighborhood clean.

Courtney doesn’t like the idea of providing a place for the students to smoke, but he does feel it’s a good place for social gathering. His biggest concern is the student’s safety. If it was up to him, Wasson would have a designated smoking area, but it would be on campus, not so close to the street, and somewhere staff has more control and a clear view of the students.

Some students abuse “the hill” by going during passing periods or skipping class. The only appropriate times to visit “the hill”, is before and after school, at lunch, or if the student has a free period.

Courtney understands that smoking is a habit for many students. He’s glad they have a place where they’re allowed to smoke. He hopes students don’t take it for granted and can use the hill responsibly.

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