Review: Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni and Cheese

Voss Vlcek, Staff Writer

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Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni & Cheese is a fantastic noodle and cheese product that is organic and easy to make. It only requires noodle boiling equipment, some milk or butter and 15-20 minutes of your time to produce delicious cheese covered noodles with REAL CHEESE!

The boxes include a bunny tail which you push to open and add noodles to water if you so choose, which is more fun than opening the box from the top and dumping the noodles into the water, at least in my opinion this is a great addition.

Each box comes with a Rabbit of Approval and a letter from Annie regarding her rise to prominence in the macaroni world including runs to the post office in a two door Volkswagen with up 50 cases of noodles for their loyal customers.

Family Farms grow the wheat and raise the cows to produce noodles and cheese for wonderfully wholesome and delicious meals.

Overall, I find this macaroni to be among the best I have tried.  Annie’s also produces shells with white and orange cheddar, which is fantastic.  If this macaroni was a student in school, I would give it an A for its hard work.

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