Wasson Ghost Myth or Reality

Tyler Vetter, Staff Writer

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Many around the Wasson Campus tell stories of humanoid-like figures walking the halls and classrooms. Could this be an actual ghost?  Or just in people’s heads?   A common topic around RJWAC is the ghost of a drama teacher who hung himself way back when the school was built. Details of this incident are fuzzy and hard to get. What is known for sure is that he was a drama teacher who hung himself at his home, but went on to haunt the school, mainly the auditorium.

A number of staff who work or have worked on the Wasson Campus and students have reported a person walking down hallways or in classrooms. They report that a few seconds later the apparition not being there . When asked about it, witnesses all reported never getting a clear look at the person, but definitely saw someone. The main place the ghost is sighted is the auditorium. He will show up watching rehearsals or around the auditorium while people are using it. Due to the fact that none of the schools really use the auditorium for a drama class, like when Wasson High School was still open, there aren’t as many sightings.

There is a legend that sprouted from these sightings. The legend goes, back when the school was first built, the drama teacher got fed up with his students and killed himself. He is reported to be a friendly ghost. There is a throne-like chair in the upper level of the auditorium where he used to sit.  No one moves the chair, but when someone is performing on the stage, the chair is often moved. Two days before Wasson High School performances were set to play in the auditorium, none of the sound or audio equipment seemed to work. When the day of the performance came, everything worked just fine. More of the legend tells performers that if you’re new to the stage, you have to say hello to the ghost by yourself.  If this act isn’t completed, the ghost will prank you for the rest of the time you use the auditorium; until you make it up to the ghost.

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