Ouija Board

Joseph Wright and Tyler Vetter

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The Ouija Board, otherwise known as “Spirit Board” or “Talking Board”, is a flat board with every letter of the alphabet, the numbers 0 – 9, yes and no, goodbye, and hello on the face of the board. The board comes with a planchette, a wooden, tear-dropped shaped piece with glass in the middle.

The board works as people participating in the game put their fingertips lightly on the planchette, then ask the spirits questions.  The planchette is used as a focus point for the spirit to communicate.  If a yes or no question is asked, the spirit should respond by moving the planchette to yes or no. If a question is asked that requires the spirit to spell out a word, the hope is that this is done by the spirit moving the planchette to each letter  to spell out words. Then the game ends by participants saying goodbye and packing up the board.

The Journalism staff asked students and staff if they believed the Ouija Board would work. A lot of the students said the Ouija Board was real and shouldn’t be used. Some students cursed at the staff for asking questions.  The few teachers that were asked said it wouldn’t work. because of past failed experiences.
A few Journalism students decided to test the Ouija Board to see if it would work. Two students under the supervision of a teacher went to the auditorium and used a Ouija Board to try to contact the “Wasson Ghost”.  (See Article: Wasson Ghost: Myth or Reality? https://rjwaccampuschronicle.org/2071/student-life/wasson-ghost-myth-or-reality/ )

During this experiment, nothing had happened. The planchette didn’t move at all and nothing happened in the environment. The team ended up sitting, doing nothing for twenty minutes. A few weeks have passed and nothing has happened to the students or the teacher that were involved in the Ouija Board experiment.