Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide


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Suicide is the third leading cause of death in the United States especially in teens ages 15-24. Females tend to think about attempting suicide twice as much as boys. If they choose to go through with it, they either over-dose or cut themselves. Boys think about it four times as often and are more likely to go through with it, using more lethal methods like guns, hanging, or jumping from heights.

Some teens a higher risk for attempting or following through are teens with depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, sexual identity issues, and drug or alcohol abuse. Personal problems that may trigger suicidal thoughts are parents’ divorce, moving, a parent leaving due to the military, parental separation, or money. In Colorado Springs, recent updates show in 2014, a thousand people took their lives. The rates keep increasing. This is something that needs to be changed.

These are signs to look out for in someone that may be having suicidal thoughts. They may talk about death or suicide a lot, give hints that they may not be around for long, talk about feeling helpless or guilty, pull away, write songs or poems about death, start giving away things they love, become uninterested their favorite activities, have trouble thinking clearly, have changes in eating or sleeping habits, lose interest in everyday things, or partake in life threating activities.

Things someone can do to help a person who has tried or who may be suspected of harming themselves are to first keep a very close eye on them. Let them know you care and that they can come to you for anything. Show them that you’re serious when you say you care and want to help them. Don’t minimize what a person may be going through, because what may seem small to you can be really big to them.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts or any intentions, please get help, because people do care.

Here are some suicide hotlines to call if anyone needs someone to talk to.

Pikes Peak Mental Health

24 hours/7 days a week

(719) 635-700

Teen Hotline

Monday-Friday 5-10 pm

(719) 564-5566

Help line

24 hours

(719) 544-11

Text Telephone


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