iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

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iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Marissa Porter, Staff Writer

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Do you ever find yourself in a debate with someone over phones? Going back and forth for hours on which phone is better? For 2 years I have had the debate with my mom over which phone is better, my mom says the Galaxy S4 is better, I side with the iPhone 5s. Which phone would you rather have?
When the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy s4 are compared, one thing that really stands out is size. This can be a real deal breaker right away for some people. Do you want a phone that might disappear in your pocket, or one that feels like a brick? The size of a screen really does matter, iPhone’s only give you 63% as much screen as the s4, or you could only get 56% screen with the s4. Which would fit you better?
The color comparison is very noticeable. iPhone 5s comes in 3 colors white, black, and gray. The iPhone 5s has gray slats on the back of the phone at the top and bottom. Samsung’s are a white back and front and a silver lining along the side of the phone.
The VIP access is my favorite part on the iPhone 5s. The VIP access enables the user to to unlock the phone by placing a thumb over the home button once the phone has been set up. For the VIP access you add up to 5 different prints and only you and these people can unlock your phone this way.
The battery causes debate between phone users, too. An iPhone user tells you, “Oh the iPhone’s battery is better, even though the phone is older than the s4, I can go a whole day without charging it.” The Samsung users say “The S4 battery is better because the phone is newer than the iPhone 5s.” This really is left up to the person who buys the phone and depends on how the phone is used. Both companies report that the batteries should last all day. The battery is either going to last all day or the battery will fail.
Lastly the camera, which is very important to some users, are different concerning lightly and focus. The iPhone 5s has 8 megapixels. The Galaxy S4 has 13 megapixels. One thing that is highly noted with the Galaxy S4 is how washed out the picture may seem on the Galaxy. The iPhone has a brighter flash which helps with less halos around bright objects like street lights. The iPhone can also capture more detail in low light. Lastly, the Galaxy has the ability to capture more vibrant and brighter images. This really comes down to personal opinion.
So, which would you choose, Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5s? Personally I’m an iPhone lover.