Benefits of Yoga

Joseph Wright and Sloan Cummings

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Going to yoga helps to relax. I feel calmed and ready to do my work when I get back from doing it. I don’t hurt as much, after doing the relaxing poses and stretches. My body feels limp and loose, so I can move around more easy while doing school work. It also changes the mood of the person, usually it makes them happy. Most people lose all  stress while practicing yoga poses or the breathing meditations. While in the moment, there is no worrying about the past or future.

Yoga helps to relieve some of the stress throughout the day. The stretches make muscles feel good. It can hurt when first trying it.  After a while, it feels nice. The meditation part helps to clear the mind. Meditation is really good for most people.  The Bijou School has been able to partner to provide yoga classes.  The classes help many students get rid of any negative energy and cope with school in an improved way.

Yoga helps to improve flexibility and muscle strength. It also helps to prevent cartilage and joint breakdown. Yoga stretches focus on posture and spine alignment. Some practitioners claim that Yoga helps decrease chances of getting a heart attack and  dealing with depression. It is also a good way to help make  bones strong.  The most important way yoga helps students is learning to focus.