Air Academy Federal Credit Union Art Show

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Mitchell high school is hosting the Air Academy Federal Credit Union Art Show. The art show is on February 13, 2015. The event starts at 8:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Student art work is now displayed at the Imagination Center at the Citadel Mall.

There are five different categories: Pencil Drawing, Out of The Head, The Boiler Room Live, Self-Portrait, and Mono-Printing. Pencil drawing is using a pencil, paper, and a still life drawing. Out of the Head is a drawing of what comes to mind. The Boiler Room live is all about horror. Self-Portrait is a drawing of the artist. Mono-Printing is creating a stencil and ink stamp to complete a design.

Students were only told about the art show during art class with Dave Koller. If the student wanted to join they had to sign up for the art show. It was all optional so only the kids that wanted to join the art show did it. Students got to choose what category they wanted to be in. Everything was up to the students. They had to do everything by themselves for the competition, Dave couldn’t touch there art work.

Pencil Drawing:

Landon Smith, 12th

Jaedyn Chavarria, 9th

Out of My Head:

Bryce Menge, 12th

Amaya Dixson, 9th

Michael Geesey, 9th

Ailli Flannagan, 10th

The Boiler Room Live:

Tiegan Hix, 9th

Rose Cowan, 9th

Chyla Ellis, 10th

Rebecca Beck, 12th

Tyniece Graham, 10th



Farrakhan Edwards, 12th

CeCelia McGrier, 12th

Alondra Serna, 11th

Mono Printing:

Chris Anderson, 9th

Alondra Serna, 11th

Megan Zich, 10th

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