Daycare Center

Aurora Stull, Staff Writer

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The Daycare Center for teen moms has been open for more than 20 years. It helps to give young women an amazing opportunity to graduate from high school.  The Center moved to the Wasson Academic Campus with the current schools and programs in 2013.

In the Daycare Center they allow as many as 25 children in their care for 6 hours of the day. They take children from 6 months and nothing more than 10 years old. If there are more moms trying to enroll their child in the center and there’s no room, then there will be a waiting list. As soon as a spot is open they will call the parent with the information.

The Center does not cost money, Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) determines what will be charged to a teen mom, if she has income.

The Center provides everything for the children for 6 hours they are in the Center. The only thing they ask parents to bring are a change of clothes.  Bottles, beds, cribs, diapers, and food is all provided.

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