Better Late Than Never

Sandra Coria, Staff

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My experience in high school has been really tough, having truancy issues impacted me in many ways and has changed a lot of things in my life. Having to be in the court system was stressful on me and my family. It was all very unnecessary and could’ve all been avoided with simple decisions I should’ve taken.

My freshman year of high school I started being truant. I began to hang out with a different set of friends and was determined to make my high school experience unforgettable. Little did I know it was going to be senseless. I started skipping school. I changed from being respectful to students and teachers to talking back and not caring about the consequences. I became someone else. I spent freshman year in trouble most of the time.

By the time sophomore year came, I started cleaning up my act and trying in school. Whatever I did, I couldn’t get good grades and just gave up. I started being truant again and becoming depressed. Depression really made me miss school, because I was just showing up to school for no reason. I wasn’t going to succeed anyways. That was a huge mistake and made me do a lot of stupid things, if I had a positive attitude about things maybe it could have helped.

Junior year was amazing. I was happy with my life in every way. I moved to a new school that I actually had a chance in and I had my hope back. People believed in me and for once I was actually thinking about the future. I still was in the truancy system. This time it was transportation issues. I had a hard time getting to school every day. I hated riding the school bus. Every once in a while I would miss it and walk back home, not going to school that day. My grades started dropping, but I at least had some credits that year which I was happy about. Thinking back, I believe that was one of the best years in my high school experience.

Today, I have many regrets from my past high school years and being truant. If I had not been truant I would probably be enjoying my senior year with my senior classmates, going to parties, applying for college, and attending prom and homecoming. Instead, I’m working hard and worrying whether I’m going to make it or not. Sometimes a student being truant has reasons behind it, whether it’s not having a way to go to school, not having correct tools for school, or just feeling like giving up.

There’s a lot of help out there that could prevent any student from having the same problem and wasting time. The school Guidance Counselor or Psychologist can help, if you ask them. Giving up is not an option.

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