• FCCLA Competition
    Career Pathways

    FCCLA Competition

    Autumn McCoy, Senior Editor

    May 22, 2018

    April 5th through April 7th, Odessey Early College and Career Options' Teachers, Andrea Aragon and Andrea Friesema, took 11 students  to Denver,Colorado to compete in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America's (FCCLA) State Leadership Conference.  The students that atten...

    FCCLA club members posing for a picture pre-conference.

    Andrea Aragon

  • Teens, Phones, and Focus
    Schools, Student Life

    Teens, Phones, and Focus

    Chauncey Humphrey, Staff Writer

    May 22, 2018

    At the Roy J. Wasson Campus most, if not everybody, has a cellphone. On their cellphones people usually have a favorite app. According to Trystan Harris, a former Google Product Manager, most people who have a phone are addicted to them. Computer Engineers who design apps for...

    Lexi Schilowsky checks her phone in the classroom.

  • Juniors Graduating Early
    Student Life, Success Zone

    Juniors Graduating Early

    Autumn McCoy

    May 21, 2018

    The Bijou School, home of the successful, had their first junior graduate in 2017, Jaedon Chavarria.  In  2018, there are two juniors graduating early, Rochelle Alfieri and Shailynn Robbins-McGowan.  This is possible because of the block quarter schedule adopted to align the...

    2017 Bijou Graduates

  • Library Maker Space
    Student Life

    Library Maker Space

    Michael Baughman and Allyssa Longest

    May 21, 2018

    In the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus Media Center, a table known as the Maker Space has been reserved for students to come in and create.  Several projects are available like clocks made out of old CDs and vinyl records and friendship bracelets.  Duct tape is available to make...

  • End Of Year Barbecue: What You Need To Know
    News, Student Life, The Bijou School

    End Of Year Barbecue: What You Need To Know

    River Atkinson, Staff Writer

    May 16, 2018

    Next Friday, May 18th, 2018 is Bijou's Leadership run End of Year Barbecue. . . these are a few things students should know about beforehand. READ MORE »»

    AJ Maxson, Lucas Wilson, and Nick Schwab selling tickets to throw pies at staff members

  • Should Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus Schools Start Later?
    Opinion & Editorial

    Should Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus Schools Start Later?

    Kaden White-Stewart, Staff Writer

    April 13, 2018

    For years, people have been debating on what time is beneficial to start school. The time needs to be healthy for both students and adults. Society often views sleep as a luxury, but according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) article, "Backgrounder: Later School Start Times",...

    Students feel so tired throughout the school days that some bring blankets.

    Kaden Stewart

  • Students Join National Walk Out

    Students Join National Walk Out

    Spencer Amrie, Staff Writer

    April 9, 2018

    At the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus on March 14, 2018, an estimated  200 students walked out of class today to protest gun violence in US high schools.   The purpose was to raise awareness among students and support the students of the Douglas High School in Parkland,...

    Students protest against acts of violence in schools at the RJ Wasson Academic Campus.

    Spencer Amrie

Hate Has No Home Here

River Atkinson

Bijou Principal Kathryn Presnal with one of the 'Hate Has No Home Here' posters she printed for the Bijou staff

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